Research not only guides decisions, it pays for itself every time.

KMI will make research believers out of you!

Look close. Differentiate. Understand perceptions and position. Explore needs and wants. Observe behaviors. Appreciate lifestyle and social groups. Study trends. Predict and forecast. At KMI, research is a FAVORITE part of our job!

WHY KMI values Research

When we were young in business (almost 30 years ago now), we dove into planning and creative, sometimes before adequate research was done. It was hit and miss...and we needed to hit the bullseye more often, and sooner. So very long ago, we established RESEARCH as vital step #1 in the marketing challenges we take on. For every project to accomplish the best results, KMI starts with research first BEFORE we plan, create, do and measure.

Simply put, RESEARCH informs! 

And we know that for sure.

We Love Discovery

Oftentimes, you need the quick consumer read: "What do my customers think of this idea? How are my clients feeling about our latest program? If I asked millennials about how they view us today, what would they say? How do we segment our target market?"

Today, it's easier than ever to find out...quickly.  Research that's flexible. In real-time. 

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KMI Marketing Research Metrics

Nonprofits our speciality

KMI works with a number of nonprofits. In fact, it's an area of specialty we particularly enjoy. Why? The nonprofit has a mission that will impact populations and community. KMI has the distinct opportunity to help them do that to greater extents by talking with program participants, or donors, or members...we ask questions, listen a lot, probe and listen...and learn a ton from those best qualified to share on the given topic. That lights our fire.

Interviewees are open, honest and give us insights from their own personal experiences.

Opinions from the right people...well, they are like gold in bringing a program or idea or product forward. 

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KMI Research Differentiates

"Get Real" Communities Take a Closer Look...

"Get Real" Communities are our KMI Online Focus Groups. Gather a group – 12, 25, 40, 75 or whatever – in an online community for however long you wish – three days, one week, several months, or more. KMI will moderate discussions so you glean insights you need. Discover more with this private social online group than you would in traditional surveys or in-person focus groups for less cost and hassle. 

Analyze Data - KMI crunches numbers to tell the story, discover trends and forecast. Storytelling with data provides insights to adventurous possibilities and paths to revenues.

Agile Research - Know the pulse of your market right now. Interviews, online groups, surveys...KMI tunes in.

Ginger Rogers: "Remember, I had to do everything Fred did, only backwards and in high heels."

Now is the perfect time to do something important. Thank goodness for the plan!

With research in hand, we set goals, create objectives, strategies and put tactics in play. It's time to dance!

In order to "WOW!" there's Much we need to know

KMI started as a marketing firm in 1987, and within several years we added RESEARCH at the front end of our marketing plan process, and METRICS at the end. Why? Because there's so much we need to know in order for your marketing to be effective. Marketing is much more than a clever headline, or a stunning web banner. It's a whole lot about HOW people think and behave...WHAT is important to them and WHY they believe...

We need to feel that pulse. 

We RESEARCH first, then PLAN, CREATE and DO. And we always check our "scoreboard" (our METRICS), to see how we're doing.

Dance...KMI knows the steps!

KMI Marketing


Through nearly three decades in business, we have seen it over and over again.

When organizations invest in research and marketing plans, it pays for itself every time. Some even say that with a great marketing plan, "the creative writes itself." Elegant!

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KMI Helps You get "Unstuck"

KMI partners with visionary leaders of businesses and non-profits who desire to make impact in their company, market, and community. Many times there are capacity issues that inhibit new initiatives from being implemented in a timely manner. Staff is busy working on current projects and may have limited time to fully invest in new ideas. Sometimes the skill set necessary to bring a strategy forward isn't available within the staff. That's when KMI steps in. KMI helps you get "unstuck" in bringing initiatives forward.

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KMI Marketing

Perform. Amaze. Take a Closer Look...

Assess Where You Are Now - Know WHO comprises your key target markets and WHY. Understand nuances of how your competitors compete and the perceptions your target markets hold. Identify your core competencies and quantify the market share you believe you can serve.

PLAN | Develop Strategy & Objectives - Know HOW your marketing fits within your organization's vision and goals. Segment target markets. Intentionally position your business. Know communication channels. Prioritize.

CREATE | DO - Reach and affect your market with artful integration of media that delivers messages with impact.

"...tell them to go out there with all they got and win just one for the Gipper."

Performance Counts. Keep Score!

The marketplace is dynamic. So how are we doing?

Benchmarks and Scoreboards

When KMI lays out a plan for you, we find it extremely exciting to develop benchmarks along the way. We imagine, "At this point in time, we'll be here!" and we point to specific progress in our plan.

You see, benchmarks serve as huge indicators that you are on the right path. And they alert you early if missteps have been made along the way.

Each benchmark steps you closer to achieving your big audacious goal. Exciting, right?

With each benchmark achieved, we score!

Our competitive spirit kicks in. 

We learn and adapt, practice and play...and use our best abilities to "leave it all out on the field!" And win.

KMI Metrics

Smart Plays

It's always beneficial to review the plays, scrutinize what went well and what could have gone better.

Metrics give us insights into the impact our actions and programs really have. It enables us to prepare for even bigger strategic moves.

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KMI Marketing Research Metrics

Lessons from the field

The playing field is constantly changing.

Robyn's father was a farmer from way back, and he would tell her how he cut hay at high noon in the bright sun. Why? Because it was the optimal time and resulted in hay that stayed fresher longer.

She says, "Dad would tell me, 'Make hay while the sun shines.' It's a metaphor to me now, and advice I live by. Conditions change. Markets shift. It's important to identify your organization's 'high noon' now. What's the absolute best way for you to do business today?"

Metrics help map the course.

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KMI Metrics

Play Smart. Score. Take a Closer Look...

Establish Benchmarks - With a plan based on strategic goals, clear objectives and solid tactics, there are specific points on the timeline - we call them "lead" goals - to do a snapshot: "How are we doing at this point in time? How can we better influence outcomes?" This gives us the opportunity to tweak implementation to meet big audacious adjust the game plan to win.

Collect Data - Know the best data to gather in order to predict and influence success, and who will collect it.

Keep Score - Report regularly and know how you're doing throughout your plan. KMI finds developing systems for reporting particularly exciting. Teams always step it up!
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Specialized in the full circle of marketing.

Robyn Kitson

People often comment to Robyn, who founded KMI in 1987, "You really love what you do, don't you? You light up!" Well, yes! Robyn works with clients on figuring out the best research to do to uncover the insights and data to create effective marketing strategy and plans. She loves big picture thinking and working with others who thrive on it, too.

What could be better? 


Stan Kitson

When it comes to analyzing data, Stan dives deep to discover the many facets of the story data tells. He pours over research results to reveal evidence, create theory and enable forecasts. He can spend days (we need to remind him to eat!) - being absorbed in the tedium of the details. He loves it!

You see, Robyn excels at the big picture of creating strategy; Stan at the detail that drives strategy.


KMI Alway "Takes A closer Look"

KMI commissioned original artwork to be created for our "Take a Closer Look" motto way back in 1990. Since then, the drawings you see on our web site adorn our conference room walls. It reminds us daily of our process - RESEARCH, PLAN, CREATE, DO, MEASURE. Each has a magnifying glass, and each illustration captures a breakthrough in history, just like what we try to do for you every day.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Robyn's father, a farmer during his youth and a publisher while she was growing up, always advised her, "Make hay while the sun shines." At KMI, we take this advice to heart. The best time to harvest hay is high noon, and we apply this analogy to today. We've witnessed changing markets, customer bases, trends, technology... We help identify your "high noon" today, and strategically put your business there!


We've had the privilege to partner in the growth of organizations for almost three decades.

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KMI partners with non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses to provide RESEARCH, MARKETING and METRICS.


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