KMI Research, Marketing, Metrics

"It's what we do."

KMI began in 1987 by providing the full circle of services for marketing. Today, we focus on the parts of the marketing process we do exceptionally well. We are specialized...truly LOVE what we do...and provide for our clients doggone great RESEARCH, MARKETING, and METRICS!

We bask in our wheelhouse! 


Walk forward with eyes wide open. Gain insights into what motivates your market to act.

Real Insights Real Quick!

KMI Research - Real Insights Real Quick!

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”

- Sherlock Holmes

Research is an investment that pays dividends every time. Ask about our "Get Real" Online Focus Groups and we'll share with you how we can provide real insights real quick!


A solid marketing strategy and plan WILL be applauded when you deliver your best, fitted with what your market needs.

Move Your Audience with Spot-on Performance!

KMI Marketing - Perform. Amaze!

Goals, strategy, plans and KMI!

"I did everything that Fred did, only backwards and in high heels." - Ginger Rogers. 

The strategic marketing plan - the "choreography" so to speak - will win applause when it is expertly conceived, and presented. 


Know you're playing according to plan...and winning. Keep score! Metrics inform the best plays now to meet goals ahead.

Play to win...keep moving toward achieving goals.

KMI Metrics - Play smart. Score!

Play hard. Keep score.

Move toward your goal with confidence. When you measure how you are doing along the way, you can give it your all in maximizing impact!