Marketing is much more than a clever headline, or a stunning web banner. It's a whole lot about HOW people think and behave...WHAT is important to them and WHY they believe... 

KMI discovers through RESEARCH.


KMI Research, Marketing, Metrics

KMI started as a marketing company in 1987, and within several years we added RESEARCH at the front end of our MARKETING plan process, and METRICS at the end. 


Because research informs marketing strategy. It needs to happen for the most effective marketing plans to emerge. 

Meet the Owners of KMI
Robyn Kitson, KMI Owner


Robyn Kitson

People often comment to Robyn, who founded KMI in 1987, "You really love what you do, don't you? You literally light up when asked!" 

Well, yes! 

Robyn works with clients on figuring out the best research to do to uncover the insights and data to create effective marketing strategy and plans. She loves big picture thinking, and working with others who thrive on it, too.

What could possibly be better? 

Certified in MBTI Robyn Kitson is MBTI Certified

Stan Kitson, KMI Owner


Stan Kitson

When analyzing data, Stan dives deep to discover the many facets of the story data tells. He pours over research results to reveal evidence, create theory and enable forecasts. He can spend days (we remind him to eat!) - being absorbed in the tedium of the details. He loves it!

You see, Robyn excels at the big picture of creating strategy - the "macro" view; Stan at the detail that drives strategy - the "micro" view.

Together, they make a well-rounded team!

Certified in MBTI Stan Kitson is MBTI Certified


We've had the privilege to partner in the growth of organizations for almost three decades.

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