KMI Marketing - Perform. Amaze!

"Remember, I had to do everything Fred did, only backwards and in high heels."

Ginger Rogers

KMI partners with clients in developing strategic marketing we've been doing since 1987. It's our art form, so to speak.

Have KMI choreograph your marketing plan...and let's dance!


A solid marketing strategy and plan is imperative, and KMI helps you create it! Assess. Set goals. Develop strategy. Implement. Evaluate. 


With excellent marketing strategy and plans, you can measure results.

"WOW!" Your Market With Your Moves
KMI Marketing - Assessments, Strategy, Plans

Make Your Marketing Memorable!

KMI leads the planning process and works with leadership and marketing staff within your organization. We assemble a marketing strategy and planning team, and assess your market, review past marketing materials, fine-tune our perceptions of target markets, audience, potential and core competencies. We examine the competition and understand what drives value. We give a 360-degree view of your organization and the market. Marketing goals and strategies are created to advance the goals and objectives of your organization's overall strategic plan.

For several decades, KMI has incorporated an effective process in this order: RESEARCH, PLAN, CREATE, DO, MEASURE. With research in hand, we strategize the marketing plan. When the plan is complete, the strategy for creative practically writes itself!

Marketing Strategy and Plan

  • WHO is it for?
  • WHAT is it?
  • HOW do we team?
  • WHEN do I plan?
  • WHY


Organizations - for-profit companies, nonprofits, associations - that have an overall strategic plan. KMI works with leadership and marketing personnel to plan marketing initiatives to advance toward achieving organizational goals. Often KMI is brought in to work with an internal team, leading and facilitating the planning process in partnership with internal staff. 


KMI guides the process for developing a marketing plan that grows your organization and advances your overall strategic goals. The plan is put in place with benchmarks, milestones and ensures measurable impacts.


KMI works with your team in a process spanning several months. As we experience the steps together of building our marketing strategy, the "WHY WE DO THIS" is clearly understood. Sometimes KMI works with an organization ongoing; other times, KMI teams with internal personnel to guide the strategic planning process.


Start your marketing planning process with KMI 3 to 6 months prior to when you need it finalized. That leaves ample time for research and market assessments that informs your strategy. Annual updates happen more quickly.


The planning PROCESS enables clarity of strategy and internalizes rationale and meaning into culture. With implementation of the plan, the belief from within of its effectiveness as it rolls out is powerful! And, it's highly likely to meet - or exceed - expectations.


KMI helps you take a true-to-life look at where you are right now! When you know the honest-to-goodness lay-of-the-land before you even begin planning, well, you can truly measure success when your strategy is implemented! And we all need that!

Benchmark Your Starting Point
KMI Marketing - Assessments, Strategy, Plans

The Reality of Your "Dance Floor" Now - Your Market Today

Before marketing planning even begins, it's important to benchmark where you are right now. Examine your market place to understand community concerns; impact of your programs; who else does what you do and how well they do it. Be familiar with your target audiences and who they are - segment and prioritize, know what they need and expect. Understand value drivers and how they rank. Analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Comprehend your market share, and market potential. Establish the benchmarks, the reality of where we KMI guides the process and reports the findings.

KMI Partners With You to Reveal Truths of Awareness and Perceptions

Before planning begins, take a comprehensive look at where you are now.
Assess where your organization fits within your current market. Examine trends. Review core competencies and competition. Understand your market share and market potential.
Reach out to those important to your organization - stakeholders, staff, board, volunteers, donors... Have frank discussions. Call it SWOT or whatever you will...KMI has facilitated a number of various exercises to achieve the outcome desired.
What is the brand promise you currently live?
What is engagement and awareness of your brand right now? Honing in on the reality of your brand now helps in guiding where you need to go.
Be memorable and important.
Zero in on what those who you serve care about most. Know what sets you apart from your competition.
Every organization has "a position" in people's minds.
So do you like what people think? Does your position in the market reflect the organization you truly are? Let's investigate!
With knowledge gained from research and assessments, we're ready to plan!
KMI works with you to develop marketing goals, objectives and strategy. We prioritize and segment key target markets. Develop position. And create the marketing plan!

Data Analysis reveals stories now that help guide to a great tomorrow.

Market Assessments

  • WHO is it for?
  • WHAT is it?
  • WHEN
  • WHY


Leaders and marketing professionals of organizations needing to develop a strategic marketing plan.


A marketing assessment is a thorough analysis of the market place your organization is in right now. It establishes a starting benchmark. When you plan, you'll grow from here.


It's wherever your organization reaches the people you serve - online, in your community, in a certain group that shares life style, or demographics, or lives in certain neighborhoods...


Market assessments are at the beginning of the planning process. We encourage you to do a fresh marketing assessment with each plan. With each assessment you have a benchmark with measurable results. A great practice!


An assessment is the map of where you are now. The planning results in where you want to be...with solid ideas of how to get there.


Through the years, KMI has developed a "sweet spot" for helping organizations launch that "initiative we've always wanted to get going, but haven't had the time and staff to do it" projects. KMI comes in, works with staff, develops process and plan, rolls out...staff keeps it going. Ta da!

Ever Unable to Figure Out the Next Steps?
KMI Marketing - Assessments, Strategy, Plans

KMI Helps You get "Unstuck"

If you have a new initiative you have wanted to implement, but because schedules are busy and days are full, the strategic planning for it seems to be put on the back burner time and time again...well, you should call KMI. 

KMI partners with visionary leaders of businesses and non-profits who desire to make impact in their company, market, and community. Many times there are capacity issues that inhibit new initiatives from being implemented in a timely manner. Staff is busy working on current projects and may have limited time to fully invest in new ideas. Sometimes the skill set necessary to bring a strategy forward isn't available within the staff. That's when KMI steps in. KMI helps you get "unstuck" in bringing initiatives forward.

Launching New Marketing Initiatives

  • WHO is it for?
  • WHAT is it?
  • WHY


For teams who need to make a new initiative or program happen, but are having difficulty finding time...and marketing expertise.


Helping start new initiatives is a service KMI rather "fell into." We worked with clients who needed help...just to get an idea in motion.


Getting a new idea started is often where the greatest challenges are. However, these are challenges KMI thoroughly enjoys! And we have success stories to show for it.

If you are looking for expertise to help guide your MARKETING PLAN and STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT, give KMI a holler!

Many times KMI partners with an organization's leaders and marketing personnel to facilitate the process of developing the marketing plan and strategy. Internal staff then does full implementation. If your organization needs help in planning, give us a call to talk about your needs: 608-807-0003. Or, fill out our online form and we'll be in touch.