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"...tell them to go out there with all they got and win just one for the Gipper."

Knute Rockne, All American


You have a plan. So how is it working? Track progress as your marketing plan is implemented. It's rewarding and eye-opening. KMI can help you capture the right data so you know you are on the right road to achieving goals...all along the way.

KMI Marketing - Assessments, Strategy, Plans

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When KMI lays out a plan for you, we find it extremely exciting to develop benchmarks along the way. We imagine, "At this point in time, we'll be here!" and we point to specific progress in our plan.

You see, benchmarks serve as huge indicators that you are on the right path. And they alert you early if missteps have been made along the way.

Each benchmark steps you closer to achieving your big audacious goal. Exciting, right?

With each benchmark achieved, we score! Our competitive spirit kicks in. We learn and adapt, practice and play...and use our best abilities to "leave it all out on the field!" And win.


In the planning process, KMI and you established progress we need to see at each benchmark, each milestone. Now we see how it all plays out. Exciting!

The Right Plays Have Impact
KMI Marketing - Assessments, Strategy, Plans

Is Your Strategy Right? MEASURE Results!

It's always beneficial to review the plays, scrutinize what went well and what could have gone better.

Metrics give us insights into the impact our marketing plan, actions and programs really have. It enables us to prepare for even bigger strategic moves.

Your bold Marketing Goal needs benchmarks leading to it so you can measure, keep score, guide progress...and win!

Benchmarks | Metrics | Scorecards

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Benchmarks are for the people in your organization implementing your strategic plan. Metrics, particularly for nonprofits, are evidence for those in your community who care about the impact you achieve.


Benchmarks are milestones specified in your plan where you check on your progress toward accomplishing your overall goal. They give you opportunity to adjust and more fully succeed. Metrics are based on the data you collect, and when measured and analyzed, illustrate impact.


KMI develops system to collect various types of data at the onset of the plan. It's consistent and defined. As data is reviewed at pre-determined benchmarks, your story of progress toward your goal comes alive.


The beauty of having a system for collecting data and "checking your score" at regular "benchmark" intervals is that at each milestone, adjustments can be made. Your benchmarks are an important "when" and are on the marketing plan calendar so there's no guessing involved.


Measured results at regular intervals improve the likelihood of solidly achieving goals!

"Make Hay While The Sun Shines!"

Lessons from the field

The playing field is constantly changing.

Robyn's father was a farmer from way back, and he would tell her how he cut hay at high noon in the bright sun. Why? Because it was the optimal time and 


KMI Metrics

resulted in hay that stayed fresher longer.

She says, "Dad would tell me, 'Make hay while the sun shines.' It's a  

metaphor to me now, and advice I live by. Conditions change. Markets shift. It's important to identify your organization's 'high noon' now. What's the absolute best way for you to do business today?"

Metrics help map the course.

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Looking for a strategy and tools to capture METRICS and illustrate IMPACT? You're in the right place! KMI can help!

We work with you to determine the data to collect, and how and when to do it. Plus, we help you figure out the systems and processes to ensure consistency of input.